A visit to New York

I engelska har vi arbetat med New York som tema och alla har skrivit ett blogginlägg om en sevärdhet i staden. De har låtsas att de är på väg dit, är där eller redan har varit där. Vi kommer att publicera inläggen här och först ut är Tilda.
New York       
Hello, today I was in New York city whit my bestfriend Frida, It´s was so many people. The was many store´s, I have buy so much thing´s on Sephora and pink but the problem was my suitcase was to small for my all thing´! So I walk to the bagstore and buy a new big suitcase. After the long day I travel home to Island.

By: Tilda

Här kommer ett inlägg av Nora:

New York

Now I am on my way to New York! I m so excited, I m going to eat the best ice cream! The name of the ice-cream place is Tasti D-lite. The location is 3rd Avenue and 29th street. They say at the ice cream is really awesome! They have more then 50 different flavors! I think I m going to eat peanut butter ice cream they say it´s the best taste! They also have Smoothies, Shakes and Sundaes. If you want some topping you can have some fruit or something else that’s amazing! Tasti D-lite have things in the ice creams like do it healthier. I am really excited for this. Now I most stop to write we are going to land now Bye!

By: Nora 

Här kommer Jonathans inlägg:

New York

Hello my fans! I am in New York, this city is amazing. I have seen Empire State Building. It was so high so I got dizzy and pale. Look at my youtube chanel for a amazing vlog. youtube.com/amazingvlogs. Empire State Building is 449m high total I’ts have 73 elevator and was steady 1931. Bye Lovers!

OBS: my vlog doesn´t really exist ;)

By: Jonathan

Här kommer ett inlägg av Gustav:

Hello my fans! Today I am in New York city I have shopping new clothes in King Plaza shopping center. The city is so awesome. The shopping center is so huge. You can eat lunch, you can shopping all and walk in city. On Monday I am going to the airport beacouse I have fligh back to Sweden I gona miss New York beacouse I dide have alot of fun and I want to go back sone to New York :)

By: Gustav






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